How To Determine If A Haunted House Will Scare You

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Whether it's for Halloween or just another day of life, visiting a good haunted house can make anyone break out in goosebumps. However, finding a good haunted house can sometimes be tricky. Spending time and money on a subpar experience is a horror no one wants to face, so consider these three tips when you're looking for a genuinely terrifying experience.

Family-Friendly vs Adult-Only

If you're an adult and you and your friends genuinely want to be terrified, it's important to separate out the family-friendly haunted houses, mazes, and experiences. Anything that labels itself family-friendly will have minimal scares so little ones don't end up traumatized.

The good news is, most professional haunted houses now offer two or more separate adventures. For example, they might offer one that's intended for people of all ages, and another for adults only, and perhaps one for older children who aren't yet ready to graduate to the adult haunted house. Even if you have to bring a child with you, this way, everyone can enjoy themselves.

Consider Your Fears

Most haunted houses stick to some pretty common horror themes, like supernatural murderers, zombies, ghosts, and the like. However, everyone's fears are different, and if you go to a haunted house that focuses on things that don't scare you, you might not have the best time.

Before choosing a haunted house to visit, consider what your own personal fears are. Maybe you're afraid of spiders, rats, vampires, or insane asylums. When you've pinned down what bothers you the most, take a look at the websites for your local haunted houses. Most will specify the themes they follow, like a walk through an insane asylum or escaping zombies through a field. Whatever spooks you the most, you can find a haunted house that will leave you shivering.


Lastly, don't overlook the importance of what other people thought of it. Most haunted houses revise their shows on a regular basis, so you don't need to worry about spoiling the experience for yourself by reading haunted house reviews. Make sure to read several to get a general idea of what everyone thinks of the place. If most people were terrified and found it worth the time and money, and it matches the two above criteria tips, you've got a winner on your hands.

Getting scared silly at haunted houses can be a ghoulishly good time. If you're not sure what haunted house is right for you, remember these steps before you visit one.


24 January 2018

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