Don'T Make These Mistakes During A Mini Golf Game With Your Date

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Many couples use mini golf as a perfect date idea, whether it's a young couple on a first date or a longtime married couple looking for a night out when their children are with a sitter. Your visit to the local mini golf center has the potential to be a wonderful evening that you seek to repeat again in the future, or a time that isn't so pleasant — and how things proceed are entirely based on how you approach the game. Here are some mini golf mistakes that you don't want to make during a game with your date.

Being A Stickler For The Rules

While mini golf has its share of rules — which you'll find posted on a sign near the first hole of the course — you don't need to play the role of course marshal. Sure, it's nice if you and your date play by the same rules, but you can quickly sour the occasion by being a stickler for the rules. This is especially true if your date hasn't previously played mini golf. Neither of you needs to take the specific rules of the game very seriously. For example, if you're supposed to pick up your ball if you can't hole out in six strokes, and your date takes the seventh shot, it's not a time to get worked up.

Taking Your Own Club

Some mini golf enthusiasts occasionally take their own putter to the course. This is common when the person is an avid regular golfer and wants to get some practice shots in whenever possible. There's nothing inherently wrong with this idea, but it's a little intense during a date. This is especially true when you're on a first date, as your date may get the impression that you're more interested in working on your golf game than you are getting to know him or her.

Being So Immersed In The Date That You Annoy Others

Mini golf courses work best when their players maintain a proper pace of play. A common etiquette rule of this activity is to move over and let faster players go ahead of you if you're on the slower side. When you're playing mini golf as a date idea, you might not be setting any speed records because you're enjoying conversing with your date. That's OK, but not if you're creating a backup of other players behind you. Be sure to avoid being so immersed in what you're doing that you're ruining others players' experience.

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7 February 2018

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