3 Additions You Can Make to Your Wedding Photo Booth

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When you rent a photo booth for your wedding, you've instantly got an attraction at the event that will excite your guests. You can set up your wedding photo booth at the ceremony site or at the reception site, although doing so at the latter is usually a better choice because it will give everyone who wishes to use the booth time to do so. When you're looking at different booths to rent, you'll notice that there are many different styles to consider. Some companies offer basic booths, while others are more intricately designed. Whatever you choose, here are three additions that you can make.

Decorate the Exterior

If you're someone for whom the look of your wedding is highly important, it can be fun to decorate the exterior of the photo booth. Your booth will look fine on its own, but taking a bit of time to decorate it so that it fits into the surrounding decor can really make the booth look as though it belongs. For example, if you're decorating the reception venue with flowing material of a certain color and small white lights, make sure that you set some aside for adorning the photo booth. Just remember, the decorations need to be easy to remove at the end of the night.

Provide a Glimpse Inside

If you have a tech wizard in your bridal party or immediate family, another fun idea can be to rig up a small camera inside the photo booth, such as an action camera, and connect it to a tablet or even a flat-screen TV set up outside. This way, when people are waiting in line to enter the booth, they can keep entertained by watching the footage of what people are doing inside. It can be quite entertaining to watch people don various costumes and make funny faces, and this can make the lineup to enjoy the photo booth much more appealing.

Offer Some Prizes

It can be fun to have someone in charge of taking a selection of the funniest photo booth shots and selecting a winner at the end of the night. Perhaps the bride and groom wish to choose the winner. Offering a prize for the winning photo can be encouraging for your guests to get as creative as possible with their ideas inside the booth, as well as provide an incentive for people to stick around until the end of the evening to see if their photo is the winner.


12 February 2018

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