Surprise Your Teen With An Escape Room Adventure For A Birthday Present

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If you're trying to find a fun event for your teen's upcoming birthday, you should think about booking an escape room experience. Escape rooms are a lot of fun, and while they may sound dangerous, they are totally safe. Kids don't have to do anything risky physically to escape. Instead, they have to find clues to solve a mystery in order to get out of the room. Here's some information about renting an escape room for a teen outing.

The Adventure Is About An Hour Long

There are many escape room houses around the country, and you may find a few near you if you live in a big city. Be sure to call and ask for details since they are all different. However, generally, the game lasts about an hour. A clock ticks down and tracks how long the kids have to solve the clues to unlock the door. The time allotment for the game is short enough not to be boring for kids, yet long enough to give them plenty of time to hunt for clues and solve the mystery about how to escape.

You Can Choose A Variety Of Stories

An escape house may have several different rooms with different stories. Some may be more appropriate for teens than others, so be sure to ask about rooms best for teens. Being trapped in a basement after being kidnapped might not be a good choice for a teen party, but being stranded on a deserted island might be fun. The rooms are decorated in a realistic fashion so the players are immersed in the game. Great care is usually taken in the design and decorating so the rooms look very realistic for the best experience possible.

The Teens Must Work Together

Escape rooms are excellent for bonding and team building. They are often used by corporations for team building exercises for employees. Since your teen will probably invite only good friends to the outing, it's a great way for the friends to bond and deepen their friendships. Clues are placed all over the themed room. The game starts with everyone spreading out and searching for clues. Once the clues are found, the teens work together to figure out what they mean. Once they've solved the mystery, the door opens and they win the game if they open the door before the clock runs out. Escape rooms are ideal for teens since they usually enjoy playing games and it is much more exciting than a video game, although it can require just as much skill.

Escape room adventures are suitable for all ages. The key is to find a theme you think your kids will enjoy. They may have so much fun that they'll want to try other rooms too. Adults are welcome in the rooms, and there might be a minimum number of players required, so be sure to ask before you book the room.


12 March 2018

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