Include These Other Elements During A Corporate Escape Room Outing

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When it comes to planning a night of bonding with your group from work, there are few ideas as good as visiting an escape room. This environment not only gives people a chance to spend time together outside of work, but it also allows your group to work together and, hopefully, become more united as a team. Conquering an escape room can be a key moment that makes a workforce feel more united, and you may return to the office the next day ready to work more closely as a cohesive unit. Many escape rooms have banquet-style rooms that you can rent for before or after your escape-room experience. Including these additional elements can really make for a positive night out:


Many companies give out awards at regular intervals, such as once per year, and it's ideal to coordinate this event for the same night as your escape-room outing. You can gather everyone in the banquet room at the escape-room location and hand out some awards to those in your workforce who deserve individual recognition. Handing out award certificates, plaques, and even small trophies — as well as having some raffle draws for gift cards and other useful prizes — can get your workforce in a good mood before the escape-room experience.

Strategic Planning

After your group has been through the escape room — and hopefully been able to conquer it within the allowable time limit — it's a good idea to have a short strategic-planning session in the center's banquet room. Doing so takes advantage of your group being not only energized but also excited about working together. Escaping an escape room before time runs out requires everyone to work together, so you can feed on this dynamic by breaking your workforce into small groups and having each group come up with an idea that can help the company in the next 12 months.

Social Gathering

Cap off your escape-room evening with some refreshments. Many escape-room facilities have bars and restaurants on site, and you can either get food and drinks brought into your banquet area or simply open the doors and encourage your group to head out to the bar/restaurant to enjoy. This is an effective way to cap off a worthwhile outing that includes some recognition, the challenge of the escape process, and using that experience to get your team to work on some exciting ideas for your business.

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19 March 2018

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