Essential Equipment To Rent For A Battle Of The Bands

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A battle of the bands even can be a perfect activity for a high school, youth club, or any type of local organization that wants to draw people to watch and perhaps raise funds. While your bands may come to the event with their own amplifiers and microphones, you'll definitely need to consult with an audio/video rental agency to obtain a variety of other equipment that will be necessary for this event to go well. Here are some essential pieces of equipment that you'll need for your battle of the bands.

PA System

A public address system is a must unless your bands will be playing in a tiny environment with just a handful of people in attendance. A PA is a versatile piece of gear because it not only connects with the singers' microphones, but the guitar and bass players can put microphones in front of the amplifiers to add their sound to the mix. You can rent all sorts of PA systems — you'll just need to let the rental agent know the size of your venue and the crowd size that you anticipate so that you'll end up with a system that will be suitable.

Mixing Board

It's also a good idea to rent a mixing board in advance of your battle of the bands event. This piece of equipment, when in the hands of someone who has experience operating it, will improve the sound of the bands. For example, if one guitar is louder than another for any reason, the person behind the mixing board can simply change the loud guitar's signal strength to make it more in sync with the other musicians' instruments. The presence of a mixing board can make even a casual battle of the bands event take on a professional sound.

Stage Lights

There are all sorts of stage lights that you can review at your local A/V rental agency until you find the products that will best work for your battle of the bands. Even if you're holding the event outdoors and during the day, stage lights will add professionalism to the gathering and illuminate those who are on your stage. Whether you simply go with front stage lights that will brighten the entire stage or want to rig up overhead spotlight-style stage lights to aim at a few key spots on the stage, you'll end up with a professional-caliber production for those who are watching and listening.


10 August 2018

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