Creating A New Year's Eve Party That Is Safe And Fun For All Ages

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When most people think of New Year's Eve parties, they think of adult-only affairs with alcohol, dancing, and celebration. What if you have children? Planning a New Year's Eve party that will include children takes some special consideration because you have to account for the safety and security of everyone involved. If you are planning to ring in the New Year with guests of all ages, here are some things that you should think about.

Offer Festive Drink Options Without Alcohol

While you might think of offering something alcohol-free anyway because you may have adults who are not staying over or who will be designated drivers, don't sell the children short on their drink options.

Provide some festive choices for the kids that are free of any alcohol content, including things like sparkling cider and sparkling grape juice. The carbonation of these items will allow kids to feel like they are just as much a part of the celebration.

Put Names On Glasses

When you know that there will be a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at the party and there will be underage attendees at the party, it's important that you can clearly identify whose drink is whose. Label each glass with an attendee's name so that they always know which drink belongs to them. This ensures that the younger guests don't inadvertently pick up someone else's cup and drink something alcoholic.

Provide Things For Kids To Do

Whether you dedicate a corner of the main party area for the kids or you have a separate room for them to celebrate, provide the kids in attendance with something to do. Remember that these parties often run for several hours and late into the night. Things like video game systems with active games, like dancing games, will keep the kids engaged and active. Offer a variety of games to play as well as other activities so that they have many choices of things to do.

Create A Quiet Space

When you are dealing with a party that will run as late as a New Year's Eve party does and you will have children in attendance, you will need to carefully consider providing somewhere quiet in your home where the younger children can rest if they get tired. Remember that not all kids will make it to midnight, so they will want somewhere to sleep until the festivities wrap up.

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