Five Mistakes Participants Should Avoid The First Time They Try Virtual Reality

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Experiencing virtual reality for the first time can open up new worlds for users and should be enjoyable. However, it can also be overwhelming, and even dangerous, for those who are not used to it and well prepared for the experience. 

If you're using virtual reality for the first time or introducing others to their first experience with it, caution and safety are key. The following are five mistakes that need to be avoided so that all newcomers to virtual reality enjoy the experience from the start:

Being alone during the first experience

Being supervised during a first virtual-reality experience is important. Participants may accidentally run into obstacles because they cannot see what's really in front of them when a virtual-reality device is covering their eyes.

While the helper watching over the situation should not speak with the participant during the experience to strengthen the virtual-reality illusion, he or she can warn the participant and stop the experience if a fall or accident seems likely. 

Having an excessive amount of clutter around the user

Participants will often move around a lot when experiencing virtual reality for the first time. It's important that they have space to move around to promote the illusion of virtual reality. 

Make as much space as possible around the area where the participant is located so that he or she has a lot of freedom of movement.

Standing up

It's a good idea to limit the first virtual reality experience to a sitting experience. Excessive motion can sometimes make participants sick the first time they experience virtual reality.

Therefore, it's a good idea for the participant to try things out while remaining seated to avoid both motion sickness and balance issues. 

Extending the experience too long for newbies who are not used to it

Until a virtual-reality user is experienced, it's probably a good idea to limit the experience to a short period of time. This way, the participant will be less likely to become disoriented or out of breath as a result of the movement and the imagery.

Using a wired controller

Using a Bluetooth device for virtual reality is always important. A wired device will restrict movement and compromise the virtual-reality illusion.

Both the virtual-reality goggles and the controller (if one is necessary) should be wireless. A virtual-reality experience with the highest quality will involve Bluetooth devices with a relatively large range so that it will be possible for the participant to move around using the device when necessary.


20 November 2018

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