4 Tips For A Fun Night In With Friends

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When it comes to hanging out with friends, you might find that you've fallen into a rut. Going out for happy hour can easily become the default choice, but it's not always the most cost-effective option. The next time you want to hang out with your friends, invite them over to your house. Here are four tips that can help you have a fun night in your own home:

1. Make sure to have plenty of snacks.

You don't have to provide a full meal, but you should have some finger foods on hand for people to snack on. Chips and pretzels are easy, and they're reminiscent of bar food, if you're hoping to make your night in feel like a night on the town. Crudites can substitute for chips if you'd like a healthier option that's still crunchy. Once the party gets going, you don't want to leave to have to get more refreshments, so stock up ahead of time.

2. Purchase a variety of drinks.

Beer is a safe bet when it comes to a night in, but it doesn't hurt to have wine for the people who prefer it. Remember that some people might choose not to drink as designated drivers, so make sure you have a few nonalcoholic options available too. You don't want your non-drinking friends to feel left out, so make sure there's at least one type of soda or juice available.

3. Make it a game night.

Playing games can be an excellent way to bond with your friends and pass the time. Board games can be a fun throwback to childhood. If you'd like to play a more sophisticated, adult game, make it a poker night. You can play with or without betting real money, but low-stakes gambling can certainly make it more exciting. Try some unique poker games rather than sticking to the tried and true classics like Texas Hold 'Em or any other card games you usually play.

4. Put on some grooving music.

Play some fun tunes to keep the party going. Nothing is more daunting than a quiet room, and the right music can help people loosen up and enjoy themselves. You know your friends best, so try to pick music that everyone will like. You can keep the music playing during the game portion of the evening, but you might want to turn the volume down or switch to a lighter instrumental variety.


19 May 2019

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