Assemble These Items For A Sports-Themed Marriage Survival Kit

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If you have a friend who is getting married and you want to give him or her a gift that is fun, practical, and useful, a marriage survival kit can be a good choice. Marriage survival kits come in several styles — some are serious, while others are more lighthearted. You can take whatever approach you like based on your personality and your relationship with your friend. Exercise is important for a number of reasons, and it can be valuable as a stress reliever for newly married couples. If your friend and his or her new spouse are active, here are some sports-themed items to include in your marriage survival kit.

Table Tennis Set

Many sporting goods retailers sell table tennis sets, which can be a worthwhile addition to your marriage survival kit. Buying an actual table tennis table is a bit much, given that the couple may have limited space. A kit, however, that consists of paddles, balls, and a clip-on net, allows the couple to set the net up on the dining room table and have some fun. The premise here is that being married requires compromise, and it can be sometimes challenging to decide whose idea to adopt when there are competing points of view. The couple can play a quick game of table tennis to diffuse an argument, with the winner of the game getting to make the decision.

Punching Bag And Boxing Gloves

Another fun addition to the marriage survival kit is a punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves. Sometimes, newly married couples can get frustrated with one another, so instead of arguing or giving each other the silent treatment, it can be useful to burn off some steam. Hitting the punching bag for a few minutes allows the angry spouse to unwind a little, and he or she may be more ready to talk calmly after this short workout.

Running Shoes

If you know the shoe sizes of the newly married couple, another fun idea can be to give them each a pair of running shoes — or, alternatively, you could buy a gift card for a sporting goods store for this purpose. Running is a good way to relieve stress and tension. The married couple may choose to take runs individually when they need their space, or they may decide to run together as a way to enjoy some quality time and keep in shape.

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17 June 2019

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