Constrained By Time, But Want To Do All Of Your Favorite Hobbies At Once? Check This Out!

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If you love puzzles, riddles, solving mysteries and deciphering clues, and you love to read and play games, these would most definitely fall under the category of "hobbies." However, if you are like most people, you do not have the time to devote to a hobby, despite the fact that it would be a very healthy thing for you to do. When time constraints keep you from doing all the things you love, it is time to do all the things you love, simultaneously, in one place. Here is how. 

The Puzzle Room Escape

Whoever dreamed up this game/puzzle/riddle/clue-deciphering/mystery-solving/read and play games form of entertainment was a genius. It has everything you could ever want in one form of entertainment, and it costs far less than the latest video game. Get a group of friends or co-workers together or join a random group of strangers, find an escape room/puzzle room, and spend the next thirty minutes to an hour unwinding from your hectic life. 

It has all of the following involved:

  • Escaping: While you certainly will not meet your death if you do not escape, you will not have bragging rights that you managed to solve everything while locked inside a tiny space. If you do escape before the timer runs out, you can have your picture taken and be posted indefinitely on the wall of fame outside the escape room. 
  • Puzzle-solving: Both literally and figuratively speaking, there are puzzles to put together to create a picture clue for which you then must unravel the puzzle of the picture in the puzzle. It reawakens brain cells that go dead from sitting in a cubicle all day. 
  • Riddles: Can you figure out the riddles or can you figure out if the riddles are just red herrings? You will not know for sure until you get to the end of the game and either get out or have to acquiesce to failure. 
  • Clue Deciphering: Oodles of clues along the way take you around the room on a sort of scavenger hunt to find another clue or lead you to a key to unlock a door, a trunk, a safe, or some other locked object in the room. 
  • Mystery Solving: Some puzzle/escape rooms intertwine with murder mystery stories. Someone in the room with you is a murderer. You have to solve the case before you can get out of the room "alive." 
  • Read and Play Games: You are constantly reading as you go along. You may even have to read something more than once before you understand what it really says. Short games to reveal another clue, a key, a symbol, etc., are often part of an escape/puzzle room too. 

These entertainment venues are popping up everywhere now. Go play at a puzzle room escape near you!


23 August 2019

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