3 Tips For Picking A Wedding Venue That Is Unaffected By Weather


Getting married is something that you may want to go smoothly from beginning to finish. Some couples are extra flexible and do not mind changes or disruptions that may happen during their wedding, but most couples want a smooth and reliable experience after doing a lot of planning.

If you live where the climate changes throughout the year, you may also know that it is inevitable for the outside to be affected as the days, weeks, and months pass by. To choose a wedding venue that will be unaffected by the weather, you need to be extra strategical in your selection.

Outside View

When you look at indoor venues, you may notice that some of them come with enormous floor-to-ceiling windows in which they rely on the outside view to provide impressive weddings. While this may work for most of the year, some venues may struggle to impress when they need to rely on a beautiful landscape, which is something that you may not get to see during wintertime.

A smart idea is to consider indoor wedding venues in which the main appeal of the view is not the landscape, but things that will not change with the weather or climate. For instance, an unobstructed city skyline view is a perfect example of a view that will always look incredible.


For the most part, you will not be able to rely on a landscape looking great throughout the year unless you know that a wedding venue has come up with a year-round strategy. Since there are shrubs and trees that do well during winter and can showcase both color and beauty, you may want to ask venues whether they have these plants to determine if you should consider them.

Natural Light

When you look at some indoor wedding venues, you may find some in which most or all the photos take place during the day when the natural light is shining through. While there is nothing wrong with relying on natural light to produce attractive lighting for a wedding, you will benefit from finding a wedding venue that does not rely on this kind of lighting to take great photos.

This means that you should try to find photos of a venue when it is cloudy or in the evening, as this should give you a good idea of what their own lighting is capable of doing.

With these tips in mind, you can pick a venue that will not be negatively affected by the weather. Keep these tips in mind as you visit venues like Rainbow Gardens


19 November 2019

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