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Beautiful sunsets, large ocean waves, sandy shorelines, and majestic volcanoes are some of the features that you will enjoy during your trip to Hawaii. When you arrive on a Hawaiian island, you may want to learn about some of the cultural aspects of the area. A luau is a celebration that involves entertainment, dancing, decorations, and rituals. Purchase a package that will provide you and your loved ones with information about how the locals live.

What Is a Luau?

A luau is a festive gathering that can take place during the daytime or at night. Hawaiians tend to celebrate the birth of a child, a marriage, or a bountiful meal. Today, it is pretty common for travelers to partake in the festivities that are offered by native Hawaiians.  During this type of celebration, guests are greeted with floral arrangements and are led to a sitting area that is on the ground.

Dancers may carry torches or homemade accessories to entertain their guests. Hula dancing and Hawaiian music are often introduced at some point during a luau. After the live performances, attendees are provided with beverages and food. A feast usually involves eating pork, fish, and Polynesian specialties. Food is often served on a buffet table and attendees are welcomed to try each dish.

What Will a Package Include?

There are independent businesses who promote luaus and sometimes these celebrations are offered by hotels or public venues. Each party will be unique and may feature an array of amenities that guests can enjoy. If you want to merely observe others as they dance, sing, or play music, purchase a package that provides a seating area that can be used during the presentation and that features a banquet style meal afterward.

If you and your family would like to get involved in the festivities, purchase a package that will provide hula or tribal dancing lessons, arts and crafts demonstrations and workshops, and games of skill. With your purchase, you will have full access to the food and beverages that are offered and you may be provided with transportation.

A shuttle will pick you and your family up from the hotel that you are staying at and will transport you to the location of the party. After you and the others have enjoyed each aspect of a luau, keep the flowers or other small gifts that you have received and make arrangements to have the shuttle transport you back to the hotel.

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