How to Stay Safe When Using Fireworks This Fourth of July

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One of the highlights of American summer is the Fourth of July when you may buy some fireworks and light them off for friends and family. However, it is crucial that you know how to be safe when using your own fireworks. Here are some tips that you should follow if you are planning to hold your own private fireworks show. 

Follow Your Local Rules

Do not assume that all fireworks are legal. There may be restrictions on what kind of fireworks you are legally allowed to use depending on where you live. For example, your state or city may only allow fireworks that stay on the ground and have spark showers, while others allow fireworks that leave the ground. Just because someone is selling a certain type of firework doesn't mean that it is legal to do so. Make sure that what you are purchasing is legal to use to avoid safety concerns and potentially being fined. 

Keep Something Nearby to Extinguish a Fire

You'll want to be prepared in case a fire happens unexpectedly. Make sure that you have a fire extinguisher, a garden hose with running water, or even a bucket of water nearby. Not having these things on hand will keep you from reacting with the speed required if a fire happens.

Don't Light Fireworks Again If They Don't Go Off

If you have a firework that appears to be a dud, do not light the firework again to get it to go off. You should douse the firework with water and make sure that it will not go off by accident. Lighting the firework again could cause it to go off quickly and unexpectedly when you are too close to the firework. 

Keep Sparklers Out of Young Kids Hands

While a sparkler may seem safe, it is not something that you should put in the hands of a small child. The tip of a sparkler can get incredibly hot and burn a child if they were to touch it, drop it on their body, or run into another child with it. Make sure that anybody that uses a sparkler is fully aware of the dangers and capable of holding one responsibly on their own. 

Fireworks can be fun, but only when they are used correctly and safely to avoid an accident. These tips should help ensure that you have a safe Fourth of July. To learn more about firework safety, visit a store where you can buy fireworks today. 


29 May 2020

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