Three Advantages Of A Circular Portable Stage

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The first shape that might come to mind when you think about a portable stage is one that is rectangular or square. While these shapes can be suitable in a wide range of applications, it's also worthwhile to see if your local portable stage supplier has other shapes that are available. One option to consider is a circular stage, which you'll commonly find in a number of different diameters. Give some thought to whether this shape of stage might be the right choice for your upcoming event, and consider the following advantages of this shape.

It's Good For Small Spaces

You can rent portable stages for both outdoor and indoor use. If you're going to be using your stage indoors, it's important to be mindful of the size of the venue and how much space you can reasonably devote to the stage. Circular stages are often a good choice for tight indoor spaces. The big advantage is that the stage's lack of corners can help to make it not seem as large and bulky. A circular stage can also be easier for people to walk around. In a tight area where people may need to walk close to the stage, they'll appreciate that it doesn't have corners that jut out.

It Offers A Unique Appearance

When people show up at your event and see the circular stage, they may be impressed with its unique appearance. Given the fact that rectangular and square stages are the most common, the sight of a circular structure at your venue can give people the impression that you've put considerable thought into choosing a stage that will look appealing for your event. This shape of this stage can work well at corporate events, gatherings for children, and many other types of get-togethers.

It Allows For Different Seating

When you have a rectangular or square stage, you'll commonly set chairs up in straight rows that are parallel to the front of the stage. There's nothing wrong with this setup, but having a circular stage gives you a different option for seating. One scenario is to place the stage in the center of the space and then set up your chairs in a circular manner around the stage — creating something of a bullseye shape from overhead. Provided that those who are on the stage move around to continuously face different directions throughout the event, this layout can be appealing.

For more information about using a circular portable stage, contact a local entertainment supplier.


25 November 2020

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