A First-Timer's Guide To Video Slot Machines

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Classic reel slots offer pretty simple instructions. Spin the reel and try to match symbols to win. As technology improved, the process behind the slots became a lot more interactive and detailed. When you go to play casino slot machines, you do not need to feel overwhelmed. With a brief overview, you can learn how to play and get the most out of the slots.

Slot Instructions

Slot machines have built-in instructions for first-time users. Every machine offers different features, so you have multiple places to look for instructions. The first place you should check is for the border that surrounds the slot screen. Printed graphics and stickers often include pictures and details for how to play the game.

Before you insert any money into the slot machine, read instructions through the touch-screen panel. Look for a question mark icon or an "instructions" icon on the screen. A pop-up tutorial will guide you through the game, all the features, and what to look for when you win. Some of the more advanced machines also include video tutorials.

Slot Amounts

When you approach casino slot games, one of the main things you will notice is the cost of the machine. As you budget your spending amount, be aware that the amount of the machine price on a digital slot is typically per line and not per spin. Each slot can feature dozens of lines that cover symbols in multiple directions and patterns.

When you place a bet, the total amount depends on the number of lines you bet on. You also have the option to increase your bets with multipliers. When you select the "max bet" option, you will cover all of the lines at the highest multipliers. This is why on a penny slot, you could spend over a dollar on a single spin.

In some cases, extra features and specific jackpots are only available when a maximum bet is played.

Bonus Games

One of the best features of a video slot machine is the bonus games. When you activate a bonus game, you get a chance to win bigger prizes and increase your winning. The bonus games often involve touch screen selections and multiple rounds. On pop-culture-related games, you may get to watch short video clips from movies and TV shows.

The bonus games are typically activated by matching three or more bonus game symbols. On-screen instructions will guide you through each game. Some video slots feature extra screens or real-life elements like a spinning wheel.

The next time you play casino slot machines, walk around to see the different options and find the best machines that match your interests. Contact a casino like Casino Queen Marquette for more information 


4 June 2021

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