Setting Off Fireworks This Fall? Remember These Cold-Weather Firework Safety Tips

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Many people associate fireworks with Independence Day and other summertime celebrations. However, you can still find fireworks for sale as cold weather approaches. Firework shows are just as fun in the fall as they are in the summer, but you may need to take some different precautions. If you're planning an autumn event, remember these four firework safety tips before you light up the sky.

1. Watch out for fall foliage

Autumn is known for its stunning scenery, including the rich red and gold leaves that fall from trees. Depending on recent weather, these leaves may be damp or dry. If they're dry, be careful before lighting fireworks, as paper-like leaves are a fire hazard. If you've recently raked the yard or see nearby piles of leaves, carry your fireworks to another spot and shoot them off there. 

2. Don't place fireworks inside of gourds

It can be tempting to place a sparkler in a freshly carved pumpkin or shoot off fireworks from a gourd, but resist the urge. Pumpkins and other seasonal produce can dry out over time, which increases the risk of flammability. If you unknowingly set a firework in a dried-out pumpkin, it may catch on fire or emit harmful smoke. Play it safe and only set off bottle rockets and firecrackers in containers specifically designed for fireworks. 

3. Avoid fireworks during hayrides

Hayrides and fireworks simply aren't compatible unless you're watching someone else illuminate the sky during your ride. Hay is flammable, and the entire hayride can go up in smoke if you aren't careful. Protect yourself and save the sparklers and other wholesale fireworks for some post-hayride fun. Also, make sure you avoid setting off fireworks near autumn decorations made from hay, such as scarecrows or pumpkin-adorned bales of hay.

4. Roll up your sleeves before lighting fireworks

Many fall fashion essentials, including cozy flannels and fleece hoodies, are flammable. Before lighting a firecracker, make sure your sleeves are rolled tightly above your elbows. You should also tuck hoodie strings inside of your hooded sweatshirt and make sure you aren't wearing a scarf. Some gloves may also be a fire hazard, so watch out for that.

The cool weather and lack of mosquitos draw many people outside for fall festivities, which is why some families and businesses buy fireworks year-round. After stocking up on fireworks for sale, make the most of your purchase by following the simple safety tips above.


31 August 2021

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