Tips For An Awesome Snorkel Tour On The Na Pali Coast

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Snorkeling is such a lovely way to see Kauai's Na Pali Coast. With towering cliffs, blue waters, and rugged rocks jutting out from the cliffs' edges, this whole island coast is a sight to be admired. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your experience if you book a snorkeling tour there.

Learn the basics of snorkeling before you go

Most snorkeling tours on the Na Pali Coast are designed for beginners. As such, there is often a brief lesson on snorkeling and the basics before you head out on the water. However, if you can review these basics before you even head off snorkeling, you will be better off. This way, when you arrive at your snorkeling tour, you can focus more on the scenery and less on the physical aspects of snorkeling. Watch some online tutorial videos or read a book about snorkeling basics. Learn how to put the snorkel on, how to breathe underwater, and so forth. The lesson before the tour will then feel more like a review or a reminder.

Choose a longer tour that goes to several spots

There are some snorkeling tours that take you to one site on the coast and have you snorkel there for the entire duration. There are other tours that take you to several different locations on the coast. The one-stop tours can be good if you're on a time crunch or bringing kids with you, but otherwise, you should really consider booking the multi-stop tour. There's a lot of variety in scenery and in plant and animal life along the Na Pali Coast. So, if you stop in several spots, you will experience more of this variety.

Don't stand on the reef when tired

The Na Pali Coast is dotted with coral reefs. It's one of the things that makes this such an incredible area to snorkel. When you're in the water and tired, it can be tempting to stand on the reef and take a break. But this is bad for the reef; it can damage it. So, if you are getting tired while on the snorkeling tour, just let your guide know, and swim to an area where there is no coral.

The tips above should come in handy as you tour the Na Pali Coast. Look for a local snorkeling company, and book your tour soon. Lovely days are just ahead. Keep these tips in mind when looking for Na Pali Coast snorkel tours near you.


6 April 2022

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