Three Racket Sports To Try With Your Family

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If you're the type of parent who wants to get your children away from their screens, finding an activity that is outdoors and involves plenty of movement can be ideal. While there may be a few outdoor activities that your family has pursued in the past, it's always fun to look for new things to try. Depending on where you live, there may be a few different opportunities to play racket sports in your community. Lots of areas have courts that local residents can use, and you may find that your whole family falls in love with one of these sports. Here are three racket sports to try.


Tennis comes to mind for most people when they hear the term racket sport, but lots of people haven't actually tried to play this game. You can buy some rackets at your local used sporting goods store to minimize your investment in learning a new sport and then head to a local court to play. Take some time to work on your fundamentals, such as serving the ball and returning the ball, before you play a game. If your family includes two adults and two kids, consider pairing an adult with a child and playing doubles matches.


Another fun racket sport that you can try is pickleball, which is increasingly popular. Pickleball courts are popping up in different communities all the time, and are smaller in size than tennis courts and thus possible to find in areas with minimal open space. The ball in this sport travels slower than a tennis ball, which can make it easier for young children who may lack reaction time and hand-eye coordination. The lightweight nature of the ball also means that if it hits one of you, it won't hurt at all.


Many families can also enjoy playing badminton, which is another racket sport that is popular in lots of communities. You'll sometimes find badminton courts at local parks and even beaches, which can give you plenty of opportunities to play. This racket sport features a projectile called a shuttlecock, rather than a ball, which gives the sport a completely different feel than tennis or pickleball. If you enjoy this sport enough, you might even think of buying a net that you can install in your backyard so that your family can play whenever you want. Learn more about these racket sports and other family activities online.  


9 December 2022

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